Saturday, October 23, 2010

Windows Phone 7

After attended the Windows Phone 7 launch event here in Stockholm, Sweden. I started thinking about the Windows Phone 7 experience in a new way. Having read everything I could find on the Internet actually using the phone didn't really change my opinion. It's still a solid touch device. But one thing that became abundantly clear was that the phone can not be experienced through others.

I say this because so much of the phone experience is tied into social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter. If the phone is hooked up to your contacts it's personal and talks to you in a different way. The problem is that you cannot not buy the phone and get that experience, you basically need to rent it and spend time on it, before you can make a decision.

The Windows Phone 7 experience appeals to me differently than the iPhone and Android and if you have a chance to check it out, you should!

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