Snow Software

I'm currently employed as a software engineer at Snow Software. I really like it here and I get to be part of a diligent team of hard working and very talented software engineers. We work on simplifying software asset management (SAM) for medium-to-large as well as corporate environments. You should really check-in with one of our sales representatives if you need help with your software asset management.

I write a lot of C# and work with back/frontend web development in general. But I do work on low-level kernel-mode software (written in C/C++) for instrumentation and management of Microsoft Windows to. And I really like it.

Also, if you think this sounds interesting and you have skills to offer, the company is recruiting (and for as long as this text remains, we're still recruiting). If you're reading this you know it's relevant.

We look for these kinds of people:
  • People with Windows/Mac OS X /iOS/*NIX platform experience.
  • People who do C# and/or C++
  • People who handle large amounts of data
  • People who do HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/REST
  • People who are just well-rounded, kick-ass talented and passionate software engineers.